Yoga” means to tie or link. Through breath work and intentional awareness of one’s body, we can use yoga to tap into our innate abilities to heal and thrive. Doctors Dan Siegle, Pat Ogden, and Peter Levine (foremost researchers in the areas of trauma recovery and body psychotherapy) endorse yoga practices as an integral part of treatment. Our bodies have a memory all of their own and intellectual or cognitive stress management techniques don’t address the physical impact of stress. Yoga teaches us to reconnect to our bodies and move forward into the world with openness. It builds confidence, self acceptance, patience, tolerance, strength, all which are essential to navigating through the stresses of current life situations and resolving the stresses from our past that we carry with us.

Mind Body Health Associates has added yoga as an additional enrichment to treatment. Michele Minehart (RYT 200) will begin offering private hour-long yoga sessions at Mind Body Health. Talk to your therapist about how adding a yoga practice can benefit your overall health of both mind and body or call the office to schedule your individualized yoga session.

What to expect from our practitioners:

Authenticity.  Our therapists understand the power of the interventions they teach to their clients because they use them in their own lives. We encourage authenticity as a means to build trust, and as essential to the growth and development of the whole.

Clinical Expertise. Our therapists have been formally trained from leading academic institutions, and continue to seek post-graduate training from leaders in the field.

Connection.  We are all interconnected.  Our choices affect ourselves, others, and the world.

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